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      To whom it may concern;

      I am a descendant of Bukawina German grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great grandparents. I am seeking information on Jacob Neu born in Wittenburg, Germany, died in Arbura Bukawina, Austria. Also, his wife Therese Schmidt who was an orphan.

      I am also seeking information on Ferdienand Neu born March 20th, 1852 in Arbura Bukawina, Austria and his wife Lutowika Hoffman born March 27th, 1859 in Arbura Bukawina, Austria.

      I am also seeking information on Johann/John Adam Maier born January 1st, 1873 in Arbura Bukawina, Austria and his wife Theresia Neu born March 1st, 1879 in Arbura Bukawina, Austria.

      Ferdienand Neu, Lutowika Hoffman, John Maier, and Theresia Neu all emmigrated to Canada. John Maier and Theresia Neu were married in Arbura on February 14th, 1901 and then left for Canada. I don’t know the date when they left Arbura.

      Ferdienand Neu and Lutowika Hoffman were married in 1878 in Arbura. They also emmigrated to Canada around 1904.

      I am very grateful for any information that you can give me on my ancestors from Bukawina.

      Thank you!

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      Oliver Ast

      Hi Lois,

      already tried FamilySearch?

      There you can find already quite some details on your listed persons.

      Start e.g. with “Ferdinand Neu” at:

      Btw: The village your are looking for is usually spelled “Arbora” or “Arbori” in church books.

      Have fun


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