What and Where is Bukovina?

Bukovina: From 1775 to 1918, the easternmost crown land of the Austrian Empire; now divided between Romania and Ukraine. As a multi-ethnic province, its name has several spellings: Bukowina or Buchenland in German, Bukowina in Polish, Bucovina in Romanian, and Bukovyna in Ukrainian, all of which mean Land of Beech Trees. The Bukovina Society of the Americas welcomes everyone with interest in the history and culture of this land.

We welcome you to share the Bukovina experience with us, our heritage, our history, and our culture.   This website is about who our ancestors were, where they came from, and how we came to be who we are today. We have collected and assembled historical articles, maps, personal stories, letters, pictures, and artifacts from various ethnic and religious groups who immigrated from Bukovina to the Americas and beyond. Members have donated their research about the roots of their Bukovina ancestors and their descendants. The BSA Genealogical Database includes approximately 130,000 Schwabian and Hungarian farmers, Bohemian glass makers and lumbermen, and Slovakian craftsmen, workers, and farmers.