Bukovina Sister Organizations

“Der Südostdeutsche”
Alter Postweg 97a
86159 Augsburg
Editor: Luzian Geier
Bukovina German Newspaper (in German!)
with constant reports about the Southeast German,
about and from Southeast and Eastern Europe,
and about the Bukovinians all over the world.
Bukowina-Institut an der Universität Augsburg
Alter Postweg 97a im TONI-Park
86159 Augsburg
Telefon: 0821/577067
E-Mail: info@bukowina-institut.de
The Bukowina Institute at the University of Augsburg is an affiliated institute of the University of Augsburg and is dedicated to researching and imparting knowledge about the culture and history of the historical region of Bukovina and about Eastern, Eastern Central and South Eastern Europe. Closely associated with the junior professorship "Transnational correlations. Germany and Eastern Europe", the Bukowina Institute is the first point of contact for researchers and students in the field of Eastern Central European and South Eastern European history.
Bukovina Friends
Information platform for Buchenland Germans, their descendants,
and those interested in Bukovina worldwide