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Great granddad was from WHERE? Now divided between Romania and the Ukraine, Bukovina was a unique place in time. Rather than a melting pot, it was a patchwork quilt of homesteaders from other parts of the Austrian Empire – Catholics, Protestants, and Jewish, all bringing with them their languages and customs, style of dress, food, traditions, and values.

The principality of Bukovina lasted about 150 years. It doesn’t exist anymore, except on old maps and in the hearts of its descendants. It is a place where, for us, time stands still as we appreciate the history our ancestors made and lived.

Through the Bukovina Society of the Americas, we can immerse ourselves in the life and times of our families’ roots, from their perilous emigration, oftentimes on foot to Bukovina, land of the Beech trees, to their immigration to North America, South America, and back to eastern and western Europe. We see how their lives were affected by economic booms and hardships, and wars.

Through the website, and at Bukovinafests, we gain a greater understanding of our place in history as we learn of where we come from and the hardy nature of our forefathers. We have heard fascinating stories, learned about how our Bukovina ancestors lived, and have shared the food, music, and customs of Bukovina. At the same time, we have met many, many new friends and long lost cousins, from Washington to New York, from Canada to Bolivia, Austria to Australia, and beyond! The travel “bug” must be genetic!

313 of our members from 13 countries have chosen to show their pride in their heritage by investing in their pasts – with a lifetime membership to the Bukovina Society. Please consider joining us and accepting our warm welcome. Many thanks to all of the BSA Lifetime Members.