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      Oliver Ast

      Dear all,

      as I’m a new member of the BSA forum, I would like to briefly introduce myself.

      My name is Oliver Ast, I’m 48 years old, married, one daughter and I’m living in Bonn, Germany.

      My grandparents father-wise Karl Ast (*1914) and Luise Seibert (*26.8.1920) lived in the small village of Korlata/Corlata in the southern part of the former Bukovina. They were farmers until they emmigrated (like most of the other remaining German people) in 1941 as part of the “Heim ins Reich” activity towards Germany.

      Most of our ancestors are from Korlata/Corlata, Illischestie/Ilisesti or Braschka/Brasca and have their original roots in the Swabian area of Germany.

      I’m researching on our family history since a couple of years whenever I find some time for it. While in the early days I basically adopted every information I could get (and naturally ended up in various inconsistencies), in the meanwhile I try to handle it more seriously by proving every detail based on source documents by myself. Next to the pure raw data I’m also interested in the stories behind the people and the country.

      My main family names of interest are:
      – Ast
      – Seibert
      – Lang
      – Fries
      – Werb
      – Rumpel

      Best regards


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