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      I am travelling to the Ukraine this summer.  With the help of our group, I found my mother’s paternal family in the village formerly known as Unterscheroutz (German)/ Şerăuţii de Jos (Romanian)/ Долішні Шерівці (Ukrainian). English transliteration: “Dolishni Sherivtsi” / Lower Sherivtsi (English).

      My research indicates that this rural village has become part of Chernivtsi.  I was wondering if any one knew how I could find out if the original village church/cemetery survived.  I have been unable to find anything about it specifically.   Any ideas would be welcome.

      I am very excited about the trip.  We are going with a dance tour that starts in Kiev and ends in Lviv.  I have people from my father’s branch still in Konyushkiv near Brody, on the original farm and we have arranged to spend a day there after the tour.

      We arrive a few days before the tour starts and depart a few days after, so any suggestions of what to do/see in Kiev or Lviv would also be appreciated.



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      The Bukovina Society of the Americas just posted some information about a contact in Czernowitz, who wants to connect with people in the Americas, who have ancestors in Bukovina and Galicia.

      We cannot vogue for anything, but I can personally say that I chatted with a contact whom he mentioned in my own US State, and I believe that he is totally reliable.

      I can provide to you information about him via his previous business contact if you reply to me.


      Doug Reckmann

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Sure, I would appreciate that.</p>


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