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      I have acquired a DNA match whose great grandmother Etelka Bessai, a Roman Catholic born in Andrasfalva in 1883, was a surprise to me.  I have researched the Bessai / Bessey family for decades however they were mainly Deutsche Evangelicals who lived in Altfratautz.  Andrasfalva was the Hungarian village adjacent to Altfratautz.  I suspect Etelka’s father was a Bessai who married a Roman Catholic Hungarian woman living in Andrasfalva.  I also have an idea who the father might be because he disappeared from Altfratautz church records.  Does anyone know to which Roman Catholic parish Andrasfalva belonged?  Are those records available anywhere?  I reviewed the Romanian records archive inventory posted elsewhere on the Bukovina Society website but Andrasfalva does not appear.  I had no luck on either.  Etelka does not appear in the Andrasfalva Reformed Church baptisms.  There is a Szekely Rozalia family tree on which mentions Etelka Bessai but there is no information about her parents.

      Any suggestions appreciated.

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      Oliver Ast


      you may try Ancestry for your further search. They list a Catholic Church record collection that also references three entries for Etelka Bessai. I don’t have an International Deluxe account to see the details but maybe someone else could help with it.

      Greetings from Germany


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