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Oliver Ast

Hi Florian,

according to the “The Bori Story: Genealogies of the German-Bohemian Families Who in 1835 Founded Bori in Bukovina (Now in Romania) with History of the Village and Its People” [p. 82] Franziska Hilgarth was born on 5 Aug 1876 in Gurahumora and married with Dominik Kampani.

Her father was Christof Hilgarth (*14 Dec 1835 in Bori, + 16 May 1878 in Bori). He married on 14 Nov 1864 either Magdalena Hasenöhrl or Magdalena Fernath (*~1840). [p. 81]

Grandfather was Wenzel Hilgarth I (* ca. 1800 in Bohemia, + 15 Nov 1877 in Bori). He was married with Katharina Löffelmann (* in Köppeln, Bohemia, + 30 Sept 1868 in Bori, daughter of Georg Löffelmann and Franziska).

Best regards