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Hi all,

I’m trying to find some traces of my family. My Name is Florian Kampani, I was born in Salzgitter where my grandfather Heinrich was settled to in 1940. He was born 1906 in Gurahumora. His father was Dominik Joseph and his mother was Franziska Hilgart. Both came from Vienna to Gurahumora earlier.

Heinrich and Dominik worked as a joiners in Gurahumora and later on in Salzgitter in Germany where they need workers for the “Herman-Göring-Werke”. I heard some rumors, that in Gurahumora was a joinery called “Tischlerei Kampani” and an alley where the joinery was located, but not officially called “Kampani Gasse”

I only have a small piece of a document of this time, with some property on it. Not in a good quality.

My Grandfather has now 5 Children and many grandchildren all placed in germany. We still have our Bukowina Tradition in our family. During Christmas we all eat the “Haluschki” together. But we don’t really know where we are coming from.

It would be very nice to know if someone knows someone, who knows someone with some information etc. etc.

Thanks in advance…