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Hello Fellow Members

Recently, I began the deep dive into the history of my family and wound up smack in the middle of Bukovina (well..almost). I’m finding that not all information I see is accurate and given the triangle rule of three sources to find accuracy is a rule I tend to live by. But Ancestry is quite different. Sometime 3 sources are almost the same yet very inaccurate. Then I found the Bukovina Society where I was able to verify, from other members who share a branch of my Family tree, and saw (hopefully) accurate information of certain relatives. The wealth of information here is helpful indeed. So much so, I’ve planned a trip to the Ukraine in Jan of 2021 in hopes of filling many blanks and correcting ones that are currently occupied. My adventure will begin in Odessa and my travels will take me to Cherimisti, Sereth, Tereblechie and others places that come from the visit of those mentioned. With todays technology, I’ll return home with good photo’s.  Cheers

Bob Manz