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Hi I am Joy Shreyer and my husbands grandfather and grandmother were both born in Sereth Bukovina and imigrated to Canada around 1910.  My husbands father was also born in Sereth before they immigrated when he was only 13.  The grandfathers name was Josef Schreyer/Shreier and his grandmother, who was of Polish descent was Klementina Klementowski. Klementina’s father was Josef Klementowski and his mother was Dorothea Ehreinrich.  We would be delighted if we could make contact with any family members who might still be in Sereth.  Joseph  was born in Sereth in 1857 and Klementina born there in 1863.  Both died in Canada.  Joseph in 1931 in Radway Alberta Canada and Klementina in 1947 in Nanimo British Columbia Canada.