BSA Bukovina Fest 1989 – News

July 1989

Dear Mr. President, honored members of the board.

My thoughts are with you on this memorable day for the future of both our societies, the “Bukovina society of the America” and the “Association of Bukovina Germans”. I would very much have like to be with you during your inaugural celebration. In that this was not possible, I am pleased that our cultural adviser, Mrs. Irma Borneman, will personally convey our salutations and good wishes.

With the found of the Bukovina Society, you have secured the continuation of the tradition of our homeland for which subsequent generations will be most thankful.

You, Mr. President, noted at our May convention in Augsburg that the Bukovina Society is linked to us a a daughter to her mother. This pleased us greatly and we interpret this as an obligation for us to support the Bukovina Society to the best of our ability. I can assure you that the Associations eagerly accepts this task.

We wish you good luck, success, and God’s blessings for the activities you are undertaking in association partnership.

Dr. Paul Tiefenthaler
Chairperson Association of Bukovina Germans