Researching Bohemian-German Settlers in Bukovina

Glass makers from the Prachiner Kreis in Bohemia found jobs at Lubaczów in the 1780’s. When production slowed down at the end of that century, many of the Bohemian workers were able to find work at the new “Krasna Glassworks” by Althütte in Bukovina. At the beginning of the 19th century, the glassworks at Putna (Karlsberg) and Fürstenthal were also populated by Bohemians from the Prachiner Kreis. Thirty years later, the Bohemian settlements of Lichtenberg, Bori, Pojana Mikuli and Schwarzthal were also populated with settlers from the Prachiner Kreis.

The following resources can be used to document the Bohemian Roots of the Bohemian Settlers in Bukovina.

Pilsen Dioceses Church Records in the Plzeň Archive

Budweis Dioceses Church Records in the Třeboň Archive

Lemberg Dioceses Church Records in the Warsaw Archive

Bohemian German Settlers in Bukovina