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Bukovina Map, published by G. Freytag; full color 12” x 16” suitable for framing. Orthographic spellings of place names as used in the Austrian period.

s/h  $3.00
Bukowina, by Irma Bornemann and Paula Tiefenthaler, published 1986 by the Landsmannschaft der Buchenlanddeutschen, Munich, Germany Subtitled: Landscapes – Buildings – Monuments, the book includes 70 color and 38 black and white photographs from Bukovina. Preface and captions in German, English, and French. (224 pp, Hardcover)
s/h  $3.00

The Bukovinians of Brasil … and the History of Rio Negro, by Ayrton Gonçalves Celestino, Curitiba  – Paraná, Brasil  662 pages. (Os Bucovinos do Brasil . . . e a História de Rio Negro). With more than 600 photographs and illustrations the book details the saga of seventy-seven families from Bukovinian villages including Poiana Micului, Bori and Schwarzthal who in 1887-88 immigrated to southern Brazil and settled in Rio Negro (State of Paraná) and Mafra (State of Santa Catarina). In addition to a detailed discussion of past and present activities of the descendants of select Bukovinian families, the reader will also find a history of Rio Negro.

s/h  incl.
The Bori Story: Genealogies of the German-Bohemian Families Who in 1835 Founded Bori in Bukovina (Now in Romania) with History of the Village and Its People, by Sophie A. Welisch, PhD, Maria Becker,  & Larry Jensen, Larry, published in Congers, NY: The Meerow Press, 1996. 391 pp. Aside from the genealogies of the twenty-three  founding families of Bori, the book also contains three articles, five maps, five charts and numerous photographs.
s/h $1.50
The Bukovina Germans, by Irma Bornemann, first  published in Germany under the title Die Buchenlanddeutschen, vol. 13 of Kulturelle Arbeitshelfte, ed. by Barbara Konitz (Bonn: Bund der Vertriebenen, 1986). English translation by Dr. Sophie A. Welisch © 1990 by the Bukovina Society of the Americas, Ellis, Kansas. (21 pp, Paperback)
s/h  $4.00
 Illischestie, A Rural Parish in Bukovina: Primary Source Material for Family History, by Johann Christian Dressler, translation by Irmgard Hein Ellingson, M.A., 1994. (516 pp, Softcover)
s/h $2.00
The Bukovina Germans in Kansas:  A 200 Year History of the Lutheran Swabians, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson, No. 6 of Ethnic Heritage Studies, published by Fort Hays State University, December 1987. (107 pp, Paperback )
s/h $2.50
German Emigration from Bukovina to the Americas, ed. William Keel and Kurt Rein, Copyright © 1996 by the Max Kade Center for German-American Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. This is a new and most definitive work on the German emigration from Bukovina to the New World. (300 pp, Paperback)
s/h $2.00
German-Bohemian Cookery in 19th Century Bukovina, by Valentin Reitmajer,  translated from the German by Sophie A. Welisch, PhD. 63 recipes. (2003)
s/h  $2.00
Bukovina  Villages/Towns/Cities and Their Germans. By Sophie A. Welisch, PhD, published 1990 by the Bukovina Society of the Americas, Ellis, Kansas. (79 pp).  Introduces the reader to 22 localities in Bukovina where Germans settled with emphasis on their economic activities, mainly in lumbering, farming and mining  as well as to their social and cultural life; contains 6 maps, 3 tables, numerous photographs.
s/h $2.00
The First Meeting of the Bukovina Society of the Americas. Speeches and papers from the founding meeting, July 19-22, 1989.  (53 pp, Paperback) Includes the speeches given at the convention as well as copies of newspaper articles and photographs relating to the event.

s/h $5.00

Bukovina Glass Mug with four-color imprint of the Bukovina coat of arms
s/h $1.50
Bukovina Lapel/Hat Pin with four-color imprint of the Bukovina coat of arms
$10.00 Bukovina Golf/Baseball Cap, with four-color imprint of the Bukovina coat of arms
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